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What's Your Watch Story? [Part 2] - Greg L aka "the.wristtaker"

1) Tell us more about your watch collection. What is your favorite watch in your collection and could you tell us the significance of it? Was it a milestone acquisition or does it have sentimental value?

My collection consists mainly of Rolex and Tudor. In 2017, I was introduced to vintage timepieces by an army buddy. He’s a vintage fanatic and has a wealth of knowledge in that area. I was able to try on some of his prized possessions such as the 1980 Tudor Submariner 94010 snowflake non date and the Rolex Submariner 5513. That sparked my passion in collecting vintage watches.

Favorite watch in my collection is definitely the Double Red Sea Dweller (DRSD). Seasoned collectors would be able to appreciate the rarity of this model. Previously, I found out that the DRSD was commercially available in stores, it bore a very unique wording “Submariner 2000”. This was available on all of the 7 different dial variants on the DRSD, but since production for the DRSD stopped, no other Sea-Dweller had the same 2nd line of red text. In fact, no other Rolex watch will wear a double red text, which is what makes this DRSD model so special. There have been other sports models which featured single red text (the vintage Red Submariner 1680, Vintage Milgauss, Yacht Master Rose Gold, vintage and modern Daytonas, and the latest 50th Anniversary Sea-Dweller). The DRSD came to my possession whilst I was hunting for a Red Sub. I was lucky, one of my trusted dealers posted a full set DRSD for sale, it came with the provenance of its originality, single ownership and with original papers and receipt. I made the purchase immediately due to my knowledge of its status, rarity, and beauty.

2) Many people buy watches for various reasons, share with us what goes behind your purchase decision?

I like buying watches after understanding their history. Take my Tudor collection for example. Usually I begin my research and will read up a ton before the purchase. Now, those who are into Vintage Tudors, will know that researching on Tudor Submariners isn’t quite as easy as Rolex Submariners. For Tudors, they’re not as well documented nor are their reference timelines as clearly defined as their coroneted cousins. It proved to be quite a challenge.

Besides the history of the watch, I had to concurrently look up trustworthy dealers. Lastly, I’ll usually run the watch by a friend for advice on its condition and authenticity. As there are a lot more factors to consider when purchasing a vintage watch, I believe that another pair of eyes will help. Some of the factors to consider are. Is the case condition good? Is the dial and hands original? Or has it been touched up or relumed? Is the movement period correct and genuine? Is this movement easy to service and are parts easy to source?

When dealing with vintage watches the hunt and search is what makes it so rewarding. As vintages are discontinued, they are rare and hard to come by. Coming across one, you sometimes instinctively know that you’ll need to act on it right away.

3) Lastly any collectors you would like to give a shout out to?

If you’d like to find out the history and more information on Tudors, search for Ross Povey (aka Tudor Collector). As his nickname suggests, he is an avid Tudor Submariner and military issued Submariner collector. This was someone to be worth relying on for information for vintage Tudor as he’s done proper research and documentation.

Thank you Greg L for consenting to this interview and sharing, it has been a pleasure. If you are a vintage Rolex or Tudor collector, connect with him on Instagram! Click HERE for the link.

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