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What's Your Watch Story? [Part 1] - Greg L aka "the.wristtaker"

Updated: Apr 27, 2019

1) Hi there, could you give a brief introduction of yourself? What is it about watches that you like?

Hi everyone, this is Greg from Singapore. I started seriously collecting watches in the past 8 or 9 years. I am also known as "the.wristtaker" on Instagram and through my feed you'll notice that I'm a fervent fan of Rolex and Tudor. I’ve always loved watches, but never really spent much on them until recently. I love understanding watches through their history and how they are able to mix both unique designs with functionality.

Personally I think that the watch you wear says alot about you. It is an extension of your personality. For me, I prefer luxury tool watches that places an importance on functionality over aesthetics. I love how versatile these watches can be, they seem to suit every occasion, be it for work, casual wear, outdoor activities and even sports.

2) How did the passion for watches come about? I have always been fascinated and intrigued by watches. When I was a boy, I loved going watch shops that sold Casio, or G Shock at Far East Plaza or Parkway Parade. Of course, I did not have the financial capability to purchase, and had to get my parents’ permission. As they were strict with spending, my requests for a new watch were always dismissed.

My passion for luxury watches started late, I never really bought into the idea of owning expensive watches then. Even during my National Service days and the first few years working after graduating. My prized timepiece at that time was a quartz Rip Curl analog watch. Influenced by my surf hobby, I was drawn by the time and moon complications to tell when would be the ideal time to surf. It cost me between $200-$330.

3) Tell us more about your very first luxury watch. Do you recall the story behind your first luxury watch purchase? It was a Rolex black Submariner Date (ref. 116610LN). How I came to own the watch is because of my ex-wife. She initially thought of buying a Rolex and wanted me to get one as well. At that time, I had no interest and knowledge about luxury watch brands. To me, Rolex felt like a brand that was meant for the older generation. However, she continued asking me to go to the store. Due to her unrelenting efforts, I gave in and was hooked ever since.

I started asking friends who were already in the watch game. Research brought me to decide on the Submariner non-date 114060. With it being a popular model that time, the waiting list was a long one. Eventually, I settled with a black Submariner Date(116610LN). That was singlehandedly one of the most expensive purchase (apart from my car) and I initially had problems coming to terms that a watch worth this much is sitting on my wrist.

Ironically, my ex-wife never bought one! I was tricked into getting a Rolex and my passion for watches re-ignited. I started searching online and visiting shops for watches, just like when I was younger. Slowly and inevitably, a collection amassed over a few years, comprising of mostly Rolexes and Tudors. Sadly, I did sell off the 116610LN some time ago, as I had bought several other modern Rolex Submariners and Sea-Dwellers.

4) What will your next watch acquisition be?

After this year’s Baselworld 2019 releases, I’m not inclined to any modern purchases at the moment. If any, it’ll likely come from the past, a vintage- perhaps a Rolex 1019 Milgauss, or a Tudor 7928 PCG. I’m not entirely sure what exactly will be the next piece, so let’s see!

Next week, in part 2 of the interview, we'll be discovering Greg's entire collection. Where he shares knowledge and talks about his watch collection. If you are a Rolex or Tudor fan, you definitely have to check his Instagram profile.

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