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Like any finely crafted mechanism, your watch requires periodic maintenance to ensure optimum performance. Maintenance includes disassembly, cleaning, replacement of parts as needed, reassembly and lubrication of the movement. A maintenance interval of 3 to 5 years is recommended, in addition to any required battery replacement. If your watch needs repairs or adjustments it must be serviced by an authorized/ trained watch technician. Never open the watch yourself.

Your battery needs to be change when it reaches EOL (end of life). Your will notice that the minute hand does not function as per usual, it may skipped a couple of minutes and then back to normal, this is sign of EOL of battery. Get the battery change and all should be well. If the timepiece is kept over a long period without replacing the battery, the battery may leak and cause more damages to your watch movement. Besides just changing the battery, it may be good to also do a water-resistant and pressure test.

Push-in / screw-in your crown properly to ensure water does not get in. Also ensure your case back is tight. If your watch is equipped with a screw-down crown or pushers, be sure to screw it/them back down into the case after every operation. 

Key your timepiece away from magnetic objects eg TV fridge, computer. The exposure of a timepiece to strong magnetic fields will affect its time-keeping, and may cause it to become inaccurate or stop. A quartz watch should resume working with its original accuracy when removed from the magnetic field; a mechanical timepiece may require demagnetisation before it will operate again. 

Dust & water can enter a watch if the case, crystal or crown is not intact. A small particle is enough to stop the movement. Have your watch repaired promptly if the crystal becomes loose, chipped or cracked, or if there is damage to the case or crown. 

All scratches and knocks will eventually damage plating. Once damaged, day to day wear, perspiration and perfume will erode the plating. It is advisable to use a clean dry cloth to clean your watch before you keep it. 

Avoid contact with perfumes, spirits or petroleum products as these may damage seals, straps or case/bracelet.

Do not drop your watch or bang it against a hard surface. Water resistance must be rechecked after every violent shock. 

Most watches are water resistant to 30 meters (3 bar/3ATM/99 feet); certain models are water resistant to even greater pressures/depths, as marked on the dial or case-back. Water resistance applies only to the watch case; and certainly not its leather strap.

Rinse your watch thoroughly especially after in contact with sea water. Take a light brush to brush in between the bezel oto ensure no salt deposit trap in gap.

For mechanical watch,the day-date mechanism is activated between the hours of 11 pm and 3 am, adjusting the time during these hours can jam the mechanism. So avoid this timing.

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