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Interview with Bryson, aka @brysonandwatches on Instagram. - Whatʼs Your Watch Story?

Hi there, could you give a brief introduction of yourself? What do you think of the watch scene now?

Hi watchfam, I’m Bryson, also known as @brysonandwatches on Instagram. Thank you for reaching out to me on doing this written interview. Being a person of very little words, I’ll try to keep it as lengthy as possible. I’ve first started out on this horology journey with a Casio G-Shock GA-400GB -1A9 a few years ago; perfect for rugged activities. I’ve always felt that G-Shocks are the pinnacle in modern timepieces as their reliable, accurate timekeeping and could take all beatings. A battery change will keep the watch going for years. And their huge presence on the wrist looks cool.

Fast forward towards an evening of beers, when my god-brother was sharing with me about his interest in Seiko 5s series watches, it piqued my interest back into mechanical watches. That’s when I got hooked up with my first mechanical, a Seiko SNZG11J1 as my first mechanical watch; now handed over to my younger brother as a gift. And that’s when the rabbit hole got even deeper too! Coincidentally, my interest in photography and watches are a perfect pair as a hobby.

How did the passion for luxury watches come about and what is it about watches that draws you to them?

Taking inspirations for the finer quality in life, luxury watches were seen as the must-have for men jewellery. With an automotive engineering background, the fine macro details of mechanical watches are something greatly appreciated by myself. No fuel and air mix to keep the watch running, it runs only by the potential energy slowly released by the hairspring. To keep it ticking, simply charged up either by hand winding or the moving actions by our wrist. Furthermore, I’ve also grown interested in precious metals and jewellery when I first met my wife too.

Personally, luxury watches have always been seen as a physical investment to be kept while retaining or getting their value appreciated over time. However, I see them differently as tools to read the time. Accuracy is top priority, legibility of the time reading is also very important. Case designs and colours are subjective. But most importantly, I have to enjoy the watch personally, not to impress others. One pet peeve of mine, although watches tend to get scratched and dings when worn regularly, these will probably take me quite a long time to get over it. Contradicting I admit!

Tell us more about your very first luxury watch story. How did you come to own that piece?

Growing up, I’ve always been told that Rolex were only worn by the riches and successful businessmen in life. Simply admiring it in magazines and other people’s wrist, I dismissed the idea of owning one as it was seen as an impossible feat for myself back in the days. Fast forward to recent years, after stepping out into the working environment and saving up for one, I was ready to purchase my first Rolex timepiece. Seeing that the prices on the retail are nowhere my budget, I’ve turned to preowned instead. The Rolex Datejust and Jubilee bracelets combination have one of the best designs out there for a one watch collection per se. My very first Rolex purchase was the Datejust, ref. 16234. Beautiful white gold fluted bezel, reliable 3135 movement and the jiggly jaggly jubilee bracelet was a win for me. However, as months go, it just didn’t connect with me and I sold it back.

Let’s talk about your watch collection. What is your favorite watch in your collection and could you tell us the significance of it? Was it a milestone acquisition or does it have sentimental value?

My favourite watch and one that I wouldn’t even sell would be the Rolex Oyster Perpetual 36 Ref. 116000. It was my first ever retail, brand new piece ever purchased from the Authorised Dealer. The alluring blue dial plays extremely tricky with light when photographed too. It’s a milestone acquisition, simply because I’ve finally stepped back into the working industry after a 2-year study break and am happily working as a role I’ve always wanted.

What will your next watch acquisition be?

I’m pretty much contented with the collection I have now, after all, we only have a pair of wrists. All my watches aren’t getting much wrist time nowadays too! However, adding more wouldn’t hurt right?

If I have to, I’m looking to purchase either a Bell & Ross BR-05 or Maurice Lacroix Aikon watch next. Both are at different price points but they have a reminiscence of Gerald Genta designs. Angular, sporty and the blingy bracelet are what I’ll need in my collection. Thank you so much again for reaching out to me, it’s my pleasure to share with you my thoughts too. :)

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