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Interview with Sean, aka @sg_envywatches on Instagram. - Whatʼs Your Watch Story?

Hi there, could you give a brief introduction of yourself? What do you think of the watch scene now?

My name is Sean and I go by the IG handle of @sg_envywatches, I am an entrepreneur in my 30s. My favorite watch brand is without a doubt Rolex, I guess the fact that being one of the most popular brand, we are constantly being exposed to it, hence it got me attracted to it.

I feel that the watch scene, or at least for Rolex have been growing immensely and rapidly. Previously, only the well to do would buy, however that has changed, even those in their early 20s are looking to purchase a Rolex. I would like to attribute this to social media such as intagram, where people are exposed to the different types of watches, the beauty of it and the status of owning it.

How did the passion for luxury watches come about and what is it about watches that draws you to them?

For me, my first encounter with luxury watches was couple years back when I was 27. My dad gave me a Rolex from his collection. It was a half gold submariner ref. 16613lb. When I first had it, I wore it occasionally, but as time went by, I started to appreciate it more. I do not deny that it drew quite abit of attention from people which was flattering when I was younger. Now I buy it more for investment purposes, as well as for my own viewing and enjoyment.

Let’s talk about your watch collection. What is your favorite watch in your collection and could you tell us the significance of it? Was it a milestone acquisition or does it have sentimental value?

Currently I have 7 watches in my collection. All of them are Rolexes, a mix of GMTs like the Explorer, Datejust, Submariner and Day-Dates. My favourite would be the Rolex Datejust 2 because of it's beauty and elegance. Plus it was the first watch that I bought myself.

What will your next watch acquisition be?

Currently I am considering to get a Rolex Daytona next and I would like to get one preferably this year.

Besides collecting, I like to share knowledge on watches on my Instagram page. Do check it out!

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