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The benefits of ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning submerges the items within a bath of water, allowing all areas of the item to be deep-cleaned. Deep Clean multiple items at once.

Time Saving Ultrasonic cleaners emit up to 40 thousand sound pulses per second, and each pulse provides cleaning action as it impacts the part surface. Because of this high-frequency wave action, ultrasonic cleaners can remove contaminants faster and better than other types of cleaners.

Gentle Cleaning – Ultrasonic cleaners remove contaminants without abrasion, harsh scrubbing, or high-pressure sprays, making them ideal to clean even the most delicate parts.

Versatile Contaminant Removal – Ultrasonic cleaners can remove an almost endless variety of contaminants from a part’s surface, including oil, grease, wax, shavings, dirt, dust, clay, sand, parting compound, soot, carbon, and oxidation, down to a microscopic particle size. No other parts cleaning system offers that level of flexibility in the same unit.

Ultrasonic cleaners really “shine” when it comes to cleaning complex parts. Because the cleaning detergent and high-frequency waves penetrate all surfaces, even hidden passageways, narrow openings, crevices, cracks, and blind-drilled holes get just as clean as the visible surfaces without the intense hand-cleaning costs.

Reliable – The lack of rotating equipment in an ultrasonic cleaner keeps it running reliably for a long time. There are few moving parts to wear out compared with other systems, which may have any number of pumps, agitators, and fans, all with bearings, seals, and electric motors.

Thorough Cleaning – The pulse waves in an ultrasonic cleaner come from a number of different angle and travel at varying frequencies, which means parts in the washer get hit from different angles all the time with pressure waves. This random, high frequency action ensures that the entire surface of the part is cleaned evenly, something that other cleaning systems can’t claim.

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