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Watch Perspectives with Edwin Chia - Whatʼs Your Watch Story?

1) Hi Edwin, could you give a brief introduction of yourself? What are some of your favorite watch brands and what do you think of the watch scene now?

A very good day to all watch fanatics, I’m Edwin Chia. You might have seen my postings as I’m active on Facebook groups and Instagram. However, I am having troubles with IG as my account keeps getting deleted. I have since recreated and I can be found HERE.

My favorite watch brands are Richard Mille, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet and Rolex. These brands are considered as the Bugatti, Roll Royces & Mercedes of watches. Nevertheless, there are also many nice looking watches out there, watch is an endless journey and also any expensive road to walk.

My luxury watch journey started about 8 years ago. With social media, luxury watches have gained alot of recognition and exposure. It created the terms such as rare, highly sought after, limited editions, flippers, premium etc. I strongly believe the recent hype attributed by social media has caused the prices to sky rocket in the market. We are able to witness popular watch models fetching a crazy premium. All the buzz generated around watches will definitely pique an individual who might not be interested in watches.

2) Do you remember your very first watch? What was the story behind it and how did it come to possession?

The very first watch I owned, to my best knowledge, is a Casio during my primary school days. I'm unsure whether it was a G-shock, during that period it was cool to wear a baby-G. You'll be envied by many classmates. This was about 30 years ago, those days, having a G-shock was the “in” thing and a luxury many primary school kids couldn’t not afford. If I’m not wrong, it was a gift from my parents.

3) How did the passion for luxury watches come about and what is it about watches that draws you to them?

I guess bags are women’s weak spot and watches are men’s poison. I have been a watch guy since I was 7. I have been surrounded by quartz watches which appealed to me aesthetically. When I was in Poly, I was into Seiko. Subsequently when I started working after NS, Tag Heuers were consider a luxury item. Currently I wear a watch for multiple reasons, even though the core function of a watch is to tell time, it has evolved. For example using it as a fashion accessory and brand association. What draws me to watches is the prestige, heritage, brand status and most importantly, the story written by the brand. I am intrigued by these stories and would love to know before purchasing. Omega Speedmaster moon watch is one good example of a watch with a great story.

4) Tell us more about your very first luxury watch story. How did you come to own that piece?

It’s a 36mm preowned Rolex Datejust 116234, the jubilee bracelet to me is a classic trademark of Rolex, instantly recognizable. It was fitted with an aftermarket diamond bezel. I loved how well the diamonds on the dial’s index markers and the bezel came together. Over the years, even though I’ve acquired a couple of watches, this Datejust is still with me to this date.

5) Let’s talk about your watch collection. What is your favorite watch in your collection and could you tell us the significance of it? Was it a milestone acquisition or does it have sentimental value?

My luxury watch collection comprises of brands such as Patek Philippe, Richard Mille, Audemars Piguet, Rolex, Hublot and Omega. Other common brands I had will be Casio G-Shock, Seiko Presage Cocktail (the blue dial is gorgeous) and Maurice Lacroix.

Among my collection, my favorite will be one of my latest acquisition, RM 35-02. I love the aesthetics and how light the skeleton movement made the watch feel on the wrist. I can be caught admiring its beauty and its see transparency of the case. Absolutely stunning and breath-taking. Due to its rarity, I paid a premium price for it. Richard Mille produces fascinating watches and only someone who’ve tried it will know the concept of RM.

It breaks boundaries on what is normal and widens your perspective on the designs of watches. The world in Richard Mille is one whereby lots of illogical and weird combos exists and one cannot have a conservative mindset.

Another watch in my collection worth mentioning is the PP 5711/1A steel blue. I was looking for one 2 years back and it took me 3 months to purchase a preowned at a premium. Despite what others may think, I have no regrets. It is one of my favorite watches with a blue dial.

6) What will your next watch acquisition be?

I am eyeing on the newly released Nautilus 5726/1A blue steel annual calendar featured at Baselworld 2019. The plan would be to pair up with my other 5711 and 5712 blue. Also, I have in sight the AP 15202 full bracelet rose or yellow gold with the blue dial.

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