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5 Tips And Advice New Watch Collectors Should Know

Watch collecting, either professionally or done as a hobby, can be daunting when one first starts out.

What kind or brand of watches should I collect? Should I prioritise cost or value? How many watches do I need to collect before I can call myself a collector?

For those who are just starting out, we have five tips that we think you should know. There are definitely more than these five, but these will set you off on the right foot in your watch collection journey.

1. Only start when you want to

The start of your watch collection journey should be motivated by your genuine interest in watches. Be it a curiosity about watches or a fascination with the movement – you need the spark that will drive your quest. A half-hearted start will likely not see a long-term relationship with watches.

2. Do your research

There must be a reason for your decision to start a watch collection. Perhaps you want to make an investment in watches that might appreciate over time. Or maybe you simply love the watches made by a particular designer. Regardless of your reason, our tip is to do your research first. Join watch forums, talk to long-time watch collectors or read up on different brands' visions. Do the necessary research to find the watches that best fit your purpose.

3. Don't fall victim to trends or impulsivity

With changing trends, it is tempting to dive head in and start your watch collection with these currently fashionable models. But they may not be watches with styles that you are comfortable with and confident about. Read reviews and try different watches on to see if the sizes and styles complement you. If you are not able to try the watches in-store, you can use online watch sizing guides like this! Ultimately, remember to choose watches that your heart desires.

4. Quantity isn’t everything

A common question that new watch collectors may have is: how many watches must I collect to be considered a true watch collector?

The answer is, there is no such rule or measurement. Mindlessly collecting more watches will not add value to your watch collecting experience or your collection – if you do not want or care about the watches. Also, watch collection does not happen overnight. Don’t rush into purchases even if you have the means to do so. Instead, consider factors such as the movement, durability or aesthetics of different watches. See which types of watches truly resonate with you.

5. Beware of tagging a watch’s quality to its price

We often attach the value of a watch to its price. But that might not always hold true. Sometimes, the price of a watch depends on factors such as brand equity – the commercial value of the brand. Instead of basing the quality of a watch on its price, try examining the different parts that contribute to the watch. Look at the movement, the design of the dial or the bracelet to make a more tangible judgement on the watch.

What are some other tips or advice you think are important? Or do you have any personal experiences to share from when you just started out collecting watches?

Leave a comment below and share your story!

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