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10 Benefits Of Wearing A Watch

For someone who’s not a watch lover or collector, a watch’s value lies solely in its functionality – to tell time. So why would I need a watch if I can just check my phone for the time?

From a traditional watch to a smart watch, there are more benefits to a watch than it appears. We will share 10 such benefits that will make you see your watch in a different light.

1. A sign of dependability

Wearing a watch signals that you are punctual, dependable and organised. It is an accessory that adds weight to your presence. Try wearing one to your next job interview or important meeting. Perhaps you will enjoy greater success and have a more attentive audience.

2. A versatile style accessory

A watch is the simplest yet ever timeless accessory. It can instantly make you look more put together instead of being plain like everyone else. Additionally, there’s versatility in wearing a watch. Many designs can be worn from the mall to the workplace and complement a variety of styles.

3. Reduced phone usage

At times, we intend to check our phones for the time. But the next thing we know, we are replying to a message or checking our mail. Depending on our phones for time often leads to us being distracted by other features and notifications we see. Wearing a watch will significantly reduce this dependency and wean off the bad habit of mindlessly scrolling on your phone.

4. Increased ease of checking time

Increased convenience is another benefit. To check time, you simply have to flip your wrist over – a classy and subtle action that will come in handy during long, boring business meetings. On the contrary, fishing for a phone when someone asks for the time could come across as desperate or even rude.

5. Additional built-in functions

For health and fitness enthusiasts, a smart watch can also help track their daily steps, distance covered and heart rate. More than just telling the time, it is a light and smart data product to take on the go.

6. An icebreaker

Awkward first meetings and clumsy conversations. Wearing a unique watch might be the answer to these uncomfortable situations. Your watch might invite a question or remark by another party, marking the start of an engaging conversation.

7. Friendships and communities (of watch lovers and collectors)

The community of watch lovers and collectors is huge on a global scale. Owning (and wearing) a watch can gain you membership in one such community and a lifetime of friendships with like-minded individuals.

8. An investment that may rise in value

The value of some watches may appreciate in time. For example, watches with incredible stories that highlight their uniqueness, limited edition or classic pieces. Just for the record, the 2017 auction of the Rolex Daytona Paul Newman owned by Paul Newman himself, sold for a whopping $17.8 million. Who knows? The watch you are wearing now could be worth an astronomical amount in future.

9. Wearing an art piece on your wrist

The craftmanship, design and engineering behind a luxury watch is testament to hundreds of hours of careful work by artisan watchmakers and craftsmen. The hard work and effort behind one such watch is ever so precious.

10. Understand time better

Wearing a watch also means being more conscious of the passing of time as you can constantly check time throughout day. This increased consciousness helps you develop a stronger understanding of and appreciation for the fleeting and continuous nature of time.

Do you agree with these benefits of wearing a watch? Do share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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