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5 Things To Consider When Choosing A Trusted Watch Service Centre

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

A faulty battery? A cracked crystal? Water damage?

The temptation to find a quick and cheap fix to these problems is often high. But wait, there are more considerations to watch repairing and servicing than just duration and cost.

Here, we have compiled a handy guide of the 5 key things you should keep your eyes peeled for, when looking for a trusted watch service centre.

1. Proper set-up and procedure

Having a designated location and space to carry out the watch repairing and servicing provides a place where you can go back anytime to check on your watch. There is greater security as opposed to entrusting your watch with freelance technicians who work from home. In the procedure of watch servicing, one step that cannot be overlooked is proper documentation that marks the exact condition of your watch. Proper documentation serves to protect both sides, for instance, in the event the after-condition of the watch is being disputed.

2. Credibility and feedback

With watch service centres establishing a strong online presence today, customers easily take to online platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to leave reviews of their experiences. Pay attention to testimonials from tried-and-tested customers that are likely to be impartial and grounded in reason. Use these reviews to guide your choice of a watch service centre. A note of caution – sometimes negativity may be a product of misunderstandings, so be discerning when reading reviews.

3. Customer-centric staff and technicians

Staff and technicians with expertise on watch servicing allow you to communicate your problem clearly and receive the right solution from them. But more than that, the staff and technicians should always have your interests at heart. Sometimes, not servicing your watch or not repairing a certain part of the watch is the right advice – even if it costs their business.

4. Accountability

It is not easy leaving your watch with someone, especially if it has gone through thick and thin with you, cost your hard-earned money or holds deep sentimental value. Hence, the watch service centre should be able to answer important questions such as how long the warranty period is or whether the centre has been insured. In unforeseen circumstances, the service centre must offer firm accountability and take ownership for your watch.

5. Long-term relationship

Ultimately, entrusting your watch to someone all boils down to trust. You know you’ve found the right service centre when it is somewhere you will revisit and the staff are respectful and care for your watches as much as you do. In cultivating a long-term relationship with the watch service centre, do remember that respect and care go both ways.

At Global Watch Service Centre, with our technicians with over 18 years of experience and our staff who have the best interest for our customers, we can be the long-term partner in your watch journey.

Make an appointment today and come down for a free enquiry on your watch!

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