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Whatʼs Your Watch Story? with Brandon aka "time__instruments"

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Hi there, could you give a brief introduction of yourself? Do you remember your very first watch? What was the story behind it and how did it come to possession?

Hi everyone I am thrilled to have this opportunity to share my passion for watches and the story behind my watch collection. I am Brandon. My timeless journey began back in the early 2013s, where I bought my first watch, which was also a Panerai Luminor (PAM00423) in Hong Kong purely influenced by a combination of factors which will be explained in the later part of this post.

Back in the early days I never knew that this kind of accidental purchase could turn out to be a hobby for me which I really enjoy and always want to learn more about the horological aspects of it.

In terms of a politically correct answer,  When it comes to my favorite watch brands, I don't really have a favorite. But if I have to make a choice, it would be Rolex with Audemars Piguet coming closely behind.

The reason why these two brands are my favorite is because Rolex and AP produce quality timepieces, and that reason is enough to justify my choice.

How did the passion for luxury watches come about, and what is it about watches that draws you to them?

In the beginning, I read a lot of watch magazines and online articles on watchmaking. Somehow I felt that watchmaking was an art which got me into appreciating timepieces even more. And since then, a watch was more than an instrument that tells the time.

One of the biggest competitors of watches is the smartphone. However, I feel that the beauty of a watch comes when hundreds of individual parts working together as one to tell the time.

Besides allowing me to enjoy the design and horological aspects of watches, I chose watches as my hobby because I feel that watches are one of the few hobbies that can be passed down to my next generation. And fingers crossed that the next generation may also appreciate how watches evolve over time like how I did.

Tell us more about your very first luxury watch story. How did you come to own that piece?

Let me bring you back to Hong Kong. When I was window shopping along the streets of Canton, I chanced upon a two stories Panerai shop. Armed with some knowledge on watches, I went into the shop to see if I could put my knowledge on watches into those watches sitting in the shop.

Without any expectations, I stumbled upon a watch, which would now become my first luxury watch (PAM00423). The sales staff was friendly and patient enough to bring me through the heritage of Panerai and the features. The more she spoke about the watch, the more I felt that I had to get the watch. 

Some may treat this purchase as an impulsive purchase, but the truth is I spent the next three weeks admiring the watch whenever I could. I even told myself that this would be my first and last watch.

Let’s talk about your watch collection. What is your favorite watch in your collection and could you tell us the significance of it? Was it a milestone acquisition or does it have sentimental value?

I wish I could tell you more about all my watches, but my favorite watch is none other than the Audemars Piguet 15202. This watch means a lot to me because it is used to commemorate my birthday.  

So why a 15202? Since the start of my watch collecting journey, I had always wanted a Royal oak especially the 15202 because of the octagon-shaped design of the case along with the beautifully integrated bracelet and a well balanced blue dial with only hour and minute hands just makes this watch simple yet beautiful at the same time.

Usually, these are the main consideration factors that I look for in a watch. First of all, I always consider the heritage of the brand and the model, where it must be something that I can relate to. Secondly, the quality of the watch has to be good enough for me to beat around daily. Lastly, the design must be something I can be emotionally attached to.

What will your next watch acquisition be?

Although I do not have any desired watch at this moment, I believe that my next watch would be some kind of a perpetual calendar or a Vacheron Constantin overseas ultrathin.

I really love the Overseas ultrathin due to its fact that the watch was one of my all-time favorite designs, and its' easily adjustable bracelets. Features like the adjustable bracelet make it easy to change between strips and bracelet, especially for an active person like myself.

Thank you Brandon for sharing your watch story and collection with us! Here's to more watch acquisition and whisky drinking. For more pictures of his collection, you should definitely check out his Instagram.

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