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Interview with engineering student, Yujin - Whatʼs Your Watch Story?

1) Hi Yujin, could you give a brief introduction of yourself? What do you think of the watch scene now?

Hey, I’m Yujin, aka feedthewrist on Instagram. I’m 21 year this year and am currently a student majoring in engineering. As you can see from my IG feed, I love taking photos of the watch I personally own or come across. Be it through friends or family, this is how I would like to document my watch journey. I feel the watch scene today is very heavily influenced by resell value. Craftsmanship is overlooked. Value goes first to many collectors in my opinion.

2) How did the passion for luxury watches come about and what is it about watches that draws you to them?

I started appreciating watches only slightly more than 3 years ago when I got my Orient Sun & Moon as a birthday gift. Guess it sort of lead to buying more watches since then. Before that, my encounter with a watch would either be the watches on my parent’s wrists, or the G-shock that I wore to school daily for 6 years. Right now as you can see from my IG page, I am into watch photography and I try to bring the beauty and detail our of each watch with my shots.

3) Tell us more about your very first luxury watch story. How did you come to own that piece?

My first luxury watch would be the Rolex 6694. It was passed down by my parents. My first purchase however, was a Swiss brand named Certina. I will never let this piece leave my collection as it holds a special place in my heart.

4) Let’s talk about your watch collection. What are your recent purchases?

Most Significant pieces in my collection are all sentimental pieces. SKX and Orient Sun & Moon are birthday gifts. Currently, I don’t have a brand that I lean towards. I appreciate any watch that is generally well made. A valuable watch to me is a watch that I personally love to wear on the wrist. The amount of cash that it would give me if I were to bring it to resell isn’t part of the consideration when buying a piece. Of course, it is a bonus if it has resell value. My two most recent acquisitions would be my Certina dsPh200m and a Timex “tank”.

My current collecting direction is still questionable. I’m actually still figuring out what I want to acquire next and the kind of brands that I would seriously get deeper into.

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